Whilst there are French talents identified in places that are not usually recognized for Mixology such as Morocco, Chile and Thailand, the Martell France 300 list also includes influential French bartenders such as Nico de Soto, who serve to affirm French Art de Vivre as a global influence on the culture of mixology.

Alex Peyraud : ®Barnabé H, Alexandre Pedrotti : ®Beta Photographie_4526, Arnaud Dissais : ®starchefsinc, Bob Louison : C.Commons, Christophe Lehoux : C.Commons, Clotilde Lataille : ®DR BD, Damien Aries : C.Commons, David Vareille : C.Commons, Denis Turco : C.Commons, Fabien Suquet : C.Commons, Florian Dubois : C.Commons, Francois Bertrand : C.Commons, Guy Berges : C.Commons, Jeremy Moreau : C.Commons, Julia Oudill : C.Commons, Julien Gualdoni : C.Commons, Laurent Jaubert : C.Commons, Marc Gatoux : C.Commons, Michel Roux : C.Commons, Pierre-Marie Bisson : ®infoBar2 BD, Quentin Loisel : C.Commons, Thibault Mequignon : C.Commons, Thierry Brochet : C.Commons, Vincent Balzac : C.Commons, Xavier Landais : C.Commons, Yannick Marty : C.Commons