What kind of glass is best for tasting cognac?


    Two kinds of glass are generally recommended for capturing Cognac’s subtle aromas: the tulip- shaped glass or the balloon glass. Practical aspects aside, the glass plays a very important part in tasting and enjoying a Cognac.
    Its size and shape help release and enhance the Cognac’s bouquet.

    The specialist’s choice: the tulip-shaped glass

    Experts, particularly cellar masters, tend to use a tulip-shaped glass for tasting, the better to capture the essence of the Cognac. The shape of this glass, narrower at the top than the bottom, concentrates and circulates the aromas, making it easier to appreciate them.

    The traditional choice: the balloon

    This is the classic glass used for serving Cognac all over the world. It is perfect for the enlightened amateur, but to appreciate fully Cognac’s aromatic intensity, a 25cl balloon glass is best.

    Finally, whether you choose a tulip-shaped glass or a balloon, make sure it is made of clear glass because drinking Cognac is also about savouring its colour and roundness with the eye.

    Please do not share with anyone under 18. Drink responsibly.