To begin its year of celebrations taking place in more than 30 cities worldwide, Martell House hosted a spectacular evening attended by a host of A-list guests at the birthplace of French Art de Vivre, the Palace of Versailles, on 20 May.

Diane Kruger back at Versailles palace for Martell300 Anniversary

Diane Kruger

As Guest of Honour

Meet our ambassador

After the gorgeous photo shoot at Versailles, we were delighted to have Diane Kruger back at the French Palace.

The sensational flyover of Versailles by La Patrouille de France for Martell300 Anniversary

The sensational flyover of La Patrouille de France

The Patrouille de France flew past over Versailles, an exclusive spectacle and the first for an event of this kind.

300 VIP Guests for Martell300 at the Palace of Versailles

300 VIP Guests

Personalities at the essence of French Art de Vivre


The 300 guests experienced a fully immersive culinary spectacle designed by the world-renowned, innovative French Chef, Paul Pairet. Designed around Jean Martell’s original journey to Cognac, the menu featured a true feast for the senses; as each course was served, vast screens surrounding the venue showed corresponding visuals and specific sounds and smells relating to each course.

Paul Pairet's dinner at Versailles for Martell300

Chef Paul Pairet’s dinner


Fireworks at Versailles for Martell300 Anniversary


At the end of the dinner, guests enjoyed an impressive firework display over Versailles, launching the start of the party where guests danced into the night.

The Art of Martell Cognac

The Art of Martell in 4 exclusive Ateliers

Martell launched of an experiential exhibition representing each stage of Martell’s unique cognac expertise : the Art of Ageing, the Art of Tasting, the Art of Craftsmanship  and the Art of Blending.


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