Inspiring and audacious, they are Standout Swifts​

    A Swift Story

    Audacity is our heritage

    In 1715 Jean Martell made an audacious decision to leave his native Jersey and forge a new life in France. The cognac house he founded became his enduring legacy, and indelibly linked Martell’s name to the spirit of audacity.

    For over 300 years Jean Martell’s courage has been a wellspring of inspiration, within the house and beyond. His sense of freedom, to be liberated from convention and to embrace reinvention, is expressed throughout Maison Martell. Everywhere, from the trailblazing Martell Noblige, to the boundary-breaking Martell Blue Swift.

    Such freedom is not about provocation, but about moving forward with purpose and meaning, and creating positive impact. This is how legacy is forged.

    Soar like a swift

    Few birds capture this sense of freedom more than the swift. Famed for its ability to fly far and fast, the swift soars over land and sea, defying any frontier.

    This spirited bird is the ultimate signifier of Maison Martell’s audacity and freedom, represented on all bottles, labels and cases shipped around the world since 1848.

    Today, Martell encourages us all to seek inspiration from the swift with its bold new campaign, ‘Be the Standout Swift’.

    Push the world forward

    There are those among us who push the world forward. Creators, activists and changemakers, they are the people whose audacious personalities and stories can open the way for the benefit of all. They are the standout swifts.

    Wing Shya directs the Asian campaign. The internationally renowned artist, photographer and film director bringing us face to face with an exceptional cast.

    Standout swifts such as Hong Kong fashion designer Angel Chen, whose signature style mixes ancestral Chinese motifs with modern Western aesthetics in ways that redefine beauty. And Sky, a gaming legend of a fame that transcends his discipline, and role model to millions of young people.

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    Structured and stylish

    Blended from more than 70 eaux-de-vie from the most prestigious cru, Martell Noblige is characterised by a superb style, structure and balance, with a touch of contemporary sophistication. ​


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