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Les Remarquables Edition Laurentine Perilhou


    For this first edition, Maison Martell reveals the world’s most expensive cognac in a dame-jeanne

    An extremely rare cognac uniquely crafted by Christophe Valtaud.

    For the first edition of the collection, Martell Cellar Master Christophe Valtaud has selected two of the oldest and rarest eaux-de-vie from the precious Réserve du Fondateur, which contains some of Maison Martell’s oldest vintages, carefully preserved in dames-jeannes.

    Distilled over 70 years ago, the two eaux-de-vie selected by Christophe Valtaud come from Grande Champagne, the most prestigious terroir in the Cognac region.

    Both were aged in a historic cellar at Port du Lys, acquired by the sons of the founders in the 18th century, before being transferred to the legendary Jean Martell cellar, where the House’s rarest eaux-de-vie are kept.

    ​The first, having spent longer in oak, is characterised by power, tension and length on the palate, with prominent notes of cedar. The second is fresh and vibrant, with notes of honey, white flowers and candied fruit. While the first eau-de-vie evolves from wood to fruit, the second evolves from fruit to wood, thus creating a remarkable harmony that would not exist were they tasted alone.

    A Remarkably Precious Artwork Crafted by Laurentine Perilhou

    To enhance still further the rarity of this cognac, the House commissioned French artist Laurentine Perilhou, who has elevated the ancestral craft of macramé into an art form.

    Laurentine crafted the gold thread into a magnificent, highly elaborate décor: from the roots, embellished with tiny gold nuggets, through the swirling tendrils that grace the body of the dame-jeanne, to the explosion of vine leaves at the top. To further enhance the beauty and uniqueness of the artwork, it is adorned with three synthetic sapphires and a single diamond, set in 22-carat gold, as well as 40 cabochons of 300-year-old oak, evoking the savoir-faire of Maison Martell.

    Available for one million euro

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    My aim was to make the invisible visible.. from the Earth to the Sun, from the roots in the soil to the vine leaves turned upwards to the light.

    Laurentine Perilhou

    A Luxurious Piece with a Bespoke Cabinet

    This remarkable edition is complemented by an elegant and luxurious cabinet featuring a circular plateau to showcase the work of art and a cylindrical stand to house the service ritual.

    The exterior of the cabinet may be personalized to the client’s tastes.

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    A Refined Tasting Ceremony

    Reflecting the luxury and prestige of Les Remarquables de Martell, this edition is accompanied by a set of beautifully crafted accessories designed to bring expertise and refinement to the service ritual.

    Six Baccarat Crystal Glasses
    To degust the cognac with all its flavours
    Made in collaboration with Baccarat, one of the France’s most revered manufacturers of fine crystal.

    Six Decorated Montre Bottles
    For service or personal gifting
    Decorated with a vine leaf gold pattern, each montre is enhanced by a macramé neck adornment, knot by Laurentine.

    One Decorated Pipette
    For drawing the cognac from the dame-jeanne
    Beautifully enhanced by a macramé neck adornment, knot by Laurentine.

    One pair of gloves
    For service
    Embellished by the Haute Couture embroiderer Atelier Montex.

    A One-of-a kind Luxury Experience

    From Paris to Cognac, a prestigious, personalized experience.

    To complete the experience, the client and 3 persons of their choice will be welcomed by Maison Martell in both Paris and Cognac with a series of prestigious, one-of-a-kind experiences, including an encounter with Laurentine Perilhou and a workshop with Christophe Valtaud.

    More information available upon request here.

    Please do not share with anyone under 21. Drink responsibly.