02.02.2021 - 3 min

Maison Martell Launches “Be The Standout Swift” Campaign

    Be The Standout Swift

    Maison Martell unveils its new ‘Be The Standout Swift’ campaign. Directed by internationally renowned artist, photographer and film director Wing Shya, the integrated multi-channel campaign features fashion designer, Angel Chen. Known as one of the most prominent Chinese designers of her generation, Chen has redefined traditional ideas of oriental beauty.  Inspired by the Chinese idiom “The Bird That Stands Out Gets Shot Down”, the “Be The Standout Swift” campaign soars to encourage people to unlock their audacity, and challenge convention so legacy will follow and open the way for others.

    Symbolising the “Standout Swift”, the Shenzhen-born fashion designer developed a bold and colourful signature style which mixes ancestral Chinese motifs with modern Western aesthetics; turning her audacity into actions to push culture, the norm, communities, and the world forward.

    Chen is the embodiment of bold self-expression. Her experiments with colour and form keep her front and centre in the world of style. She shows collections at international fashion weeks from Shanghai to Milan and collaborates with major global brands.

    Chen was selected as i-D magazine’s designer to watch in 2014, listed on Forbes China’s “30 under 30” in 2016, and was in the Business of Fashion 500 for two years in a row. Angel was also a competitor on Netflix’s Next in Fashion, as part of the show’s loveable “Dragon Princess” duo. As a young designer, Angel is a pioneer of the avant-garde.

    The ‘Be The Standout Swift’ campaign was developed to appeal to a new generation of consumers who are not afraid to take risks, by twisting the traditional Chinese proverb of “the bird that stands out gets shot down” (槍打出頭鳥). Unlike any other birds, the swift spends almost its entire life in the air, barely ever touching the ground. It soars over land and sea, knowing no frontiers. As the ultimate signifier of the House’s audacity and freedom, the swift is represented on all Martell bottles, labels and cases shipped around the world.

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    Martell Noblige has been chosen as the heart of this new global advertising campaign because it epitomizes the free and audacious spirit of the House. With its elegant and cutting-edge design, Martell Noblige’s complex blend transpires the marriage of strength and smoothness. It combines the savoir-faire of Maison Martell with energy, intensity, and attitude all of its own. A statement-making cognac, Martell Noblige is a “Standout Swift”.

    For more than 300 years, Maison Martell has been defined by audacity. It was founded on audacity and defined by freedom from convention as well as the freedom to reinvent itself to stay ahead of its time. Maison Martell has been pioneering new expressions of cognac — from the icon Martell Cordon Bleu in 1912 to the trailblazing Martell Noblige.

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