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The mixologist who mastered Minimalism ​


    Remy Savage turns cocktails into an artform

    Remy Savage, Martell’s new Master Mixologist, knows what it takes to make a name as well as a drink.

    No fewer than six times has the French-Irish bartender helped bars reach the ranks of the global top-50.

    He himself was named the ‘World’s Most Imaginative Bartender’ in 2014, the ‘Best European Mixologist’ in 2018, and the ‘Best International Bartender of the Year’ in 2022.

    His success should not be a surprise. An audacious artist, he is world-renowned for his craftwork, creativity and unique way of looking at the bar experience – and for breaking a few rules along the way.

    Early in his career, he helped propel Parisian cocktail bar Little Red Door to global fame as head bartender. After a stint in London pursuing his ‘dream job’ at the helm of Artesian in the Langham Hotel, he returned to the French capital in 2019 to find the cocktail scene finally starting to flourish.

    In the midst of the city’s edgy 10th arrondissement, as bartender and creative director of Le Syndicat and La Commune bars, he has been instrumental in democratising and demystifying the cocktail experience for all.

    It is this spirit of audacity that makes Remy Savage a Standout Swift and natural fit for the role of Martell Master Mixologist.

    Just as Maison Martell has never ceased to redefine the rules throughout its history, so too Remy disrupts codes and challenges existing conventions of mixology for the benefit of the many.

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    In May 2019, for example, he revealed a menu of 22 cocktails, each based only on two ingredients.

    He explained the idea was to make a “radical change” in the way flavours were put together, thinking about what to remove to let the products “speak for themselves”. The menu won ‘Best Drinks List’ at the Class Awards in 2020.

    Or, look at the cocktail bar he has launched in London in 2021. Inspired by non-figurative art, the bar’s name is expressed not in words, but with shapes (a yellow triangle, red square, and blue circle) was honored as the ‘Best New International Cocktail Bar’ 2022.

    As Martell’s Master Mixologist, Remy will bring new mixology experiences to life, while educating and promoting Martell around the world. 

    And he will find ample room to apply his trademark excellence, creativity and audacity, mixing heritage with originality in ways only he could imagine.

    Keep an eye out for Remy’s cocktail recipes coming soon, designed exclusively for Martell.

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