Single Cru Borderies

Blended from eaux-de-vie exclusively sourced from the Borderies Terroir, Martell Single Cru Borderies rolls over the tongue with sweet fruit and subtle florals.

Cognac 700ml bottle


The Martell Single Cru Collection revisits the codes of cognac by celebrating the richness and authenticity of each of the finest crus of its vineyard. Chosen by Maison Martell more than 300 years ago as the signature of its style, the small Borderies cru produce delicate, elegant eaux-de-vie.


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The Colour

Deep amber with golden highlights.

The Aroma

The first nose is airy and delicate, evoking an elegant bouquet of wild flowers.
When the cognac is swirled in the glass, it reveals rich fruity notes, both candied and dried (apricot, date).
The overall impression is of fullness and smoothness.

The Taste

After a full, rounded attack, notes of candied fruit come to the fore. These are complemented by delicate woody notes and refined spices (cinnamon, vanilla pod, nutmeg), creating a wonderfully harmonious sensation.

The heavy clay and limestone soils of the Borderies cru produce delicate and elegant eaux-de-vie.Neat, with a splash of water, or on ice.

Serving Tips

Neat, with a splash of water, or on ice.

Please do not share with anyone under 21. Drink responsibly.