Haute Couture Hayden Koh, Fashion Designer

Hayden Koh, Fashion Designer

Hayden has never departed from his first love of fashion design. He pours his love and passion into all his designs with the aim of creating wearable art for people.

Hayden draws inspiration from Faye Wong, a famous Chinese singer-songwriter and actress who is known for her simple yet chic, poised style. His ultimate goal? Creating statement pieces people feel comfortable and confident wearing.

Haute Couture Ian Chang, Fashion Designer

Ian Chang, Fashion Designer

Image is everything! With this belief in mind, Ian established ‘Bespoked’ — tailoring for distinguished gentlemen. He looks to the classy Englishmen, known for their structured suits and quirky colours, and well-groomed Italians, with their soft tailoring and laidback style, as inspiration for his designs.

Ian's piéce de rèsistance is his velvet bow tie. With 16 years of experience in the fine art of tailoring, he now creates fashion for the sartorially-inclined men of Elegantology.

Haute Couture Daniel Chong, Fashion Designer

Daniel Chong, Fashion Designer

Leather makes the man! Growing up surrounded with the rich scent of leather helped Daniel to develop a refined taste for exquisite leather goods. His love for the leather craft was born when his uncle introduced Daniel’s family to the industry. At the age of 14, he started designing his own bags and wallets after spending hours observing and helping out with his uncle’s leather production trade.

His collection for Elegantology encompasses simple, structured yet classy creations designed to aid us in our life style. You can definitely find elements of leather in all his artwork!

Haute Couture Justin Yap, Fashion Designer

Justin Yap, Fashion Designer

While other children spent their pocket money on snacks and toys, Justin saved up every penny to purchase the latest issue of Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar. He pored through each glossy page and harboured dreams of being a successful designer. Today, he carries a string of successes under his belt, including being named an uprising star designer by Lonely Planet!

Justin designs for individuals. In his eyes, everyone leads a different lifestyle and he strives to create menswear designs for those who possess a personal style. The streets are runways of life Justin can't wait to reform with his contemporary creations.

Haute Couture Michael Ong, Fashion Designer

Michael Ong, Fashion Designer

Michael’s goal is life-long learning. A self-trained designer, his climb up the ladder began at a boutique, where he absorbed the tricks of the trade and developed a keen eye for avant-garde fashion design. Since then, he has won numerous awards that testify of his fashion forward vision and talent. His couture line has also adorned the legendary likes of Mizz Nina and Sheila Majid.

According to Michael, “Men are like luxury cars!” He gets his inspiration from sexy four-wheelers, incorporating their outstanding features and cutting into his fashion creations. Come explore his unique automobile-inspired take on menswear at Elegantology Gallery & Restaurant today.

Haute Couture Jason Zeck Lee

Jason Zeck Lee

Jason Zeck Lee’s creative work is fuelled by his belief in two key things: art as a force for good, and the power of fashion to help us understand ourselves. His desire to serve humanity has followed him through his positions as journalist, columnist, reporter, writer, speaker, artist and, now, fashion designer as he fronts the label ZECK by Jason Zeck Lee.

Today, his designs focus on what he calls ‘Soul Work’, exploring the idea of wholeness and our connection to the infinite; ‘soul to universe’. He maintains a love affair with the colour black, a colour he believes signifies attitude and bold explorations into the unknown. His design work is recognised in 10 countries around the world, including top Asian fashion cities.

Haute Couture Pearly Wong

Pearly Wong

As a relatively new name in the local fashion scene, Pearly Wong has already carved a name for herself in the fashion world of Berlin, Germany. Some might call her style avant garde and others fall head over heels with her futuristic touches. But what Pearly Wong does best is creating signature pieces that are easy to throw on and pull off despite its penchant for the exquisitely unassuming look.

Haute Couture Jimmy Lim

Jimmy Lim

With over a decade of notable collections, high-casual label Jimmy Lim is best known for garments which portray an effortless chic, designed for wearers who want to wear attitude like a uniform to give definition to their identity. Since launching the Jimmy Lim label in 1999, Jimmy has again pushed the boundaries of fashion with his latest collection featuring an energetic showcase of fresh new cuts, silhouettes and prints, reflecting attention to detail and meticulous craftsmanship. His designs are uniquely individual and inspired by his own experiences including nature, music, culture and tradition.