30.07.2021 - 1 min

Cheryl Allison Lim, Esports Professional and Gaming Content Creator


    Growing up as an avid gamer, Cheryl Allison Lim always knew her passion could be so much more, even when the people closest to her would trivialise it. It was only when she started attending gaming events that she found a sense of community amongst like-minded people, who offered her an opportunity to join the esports industry.

    Today, what drives Cheryl isn’t simply just her love for gaming, but a purpose to in turn create opportunities for other female gamers and grow Singapore’s esports scene.

    “It’s always a dream for gamers to work in the esports industry where they’re welcomed with open arms,” she shared.

    Two years ago Cheryl went viral on social media for her authentic depiction of women who game. She found common ground with other players like herself who had the potential to play professionally, but shied away due to a lack of female role models in the esports scene.

    “That’s why I formed an all-female Valorant team to band with women at the top of their game and earn our seat on the professional stage together,” Cheryl said, so as to encourage more female gamers to play competitively.

    As esports in Singapore is just revving up, representatives like Cheryl are organising community tournaments for local players to gain exposure and professional training. This empowers players with the necessary resources to eventually compete with leading pro gamers globally.

    While Cheryl’s love for gaming has been met with skepticism in the past, her audacious spirit pays no heed boundaries or expectations. Her cocktail, the Meta Orange, has a bittersweet flavour profile that reflects her determination and valour.

    As she moves her community forward, it’s clear what she is playing to win: “Through our combined efforts, we can raise a new generation of gamers.”

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