Max La Manna, A Zero-Waste Chef

    A Swift Story

    This month’s Swift Story highlights American zero-waste chef Max La Manna who is changing the game. More than just an award-winning chef, Max La Manna is a BBC star presenter and author of an award-winning cookbook that was voted the world’s second most sustainable cookbook.


    Being a zero-waste chef means he repurposes food products that typically go to waste, such as banana peels and vegetable seeds, and gives these often-overlooked parts of our daily meals a new life. Not only does he do so in his cooking, but his mission is to re-frame how we view the leftovers and scraps that are typically thrown away to prevent them from becoming landfill.

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    His cookbook, “More Plants Less Waste,” instructs readers on how to do everything from “upcycling” stale bread to making dishes using chickpea water. His punchy and colorful cuisine is the definition of feel-good food, which is as beneficial for the body as it is for the planet.

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    For over 1,000 days, Max has eliminated his food waste to nearly zero. Packaging is reduced to nothing and food leftovers are saved, reused, or composted. Max La Manna stands out from other chefs in the way he boldly encourages more awareness around the food we put on our plate, where it comes from and what happens when we waste it.  The legacy Max leaves behind with his audacious cooking is to draw light to climate issues and reconsider the waste we create in our kitchens through innovative and practical recipes.

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    As December is a month to celebrate, share, and indulge in holiday treats, it’s also a time to remember our impact on the planet in terms of how we consume. Max La Manna is collaborating with Martell for the month of December to show us how to create audacious no-waste cocktails and accompanying food pairings that are perfect for the holiday season. Discover more content and try one of his no-waste recipe with the link below :


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    Martell has teamed up with award-winning zero-waste chef, Max La Manna, to bring you an exclusive cocktail masterclass like no other.

    This unique online experience is the perfect way to brighten up a chilly December night in with a little festive cheer! You’ll learn how to make delicious Martell cocktails with talented chef Max La Manna that will encourage us to think more sustainably about food waste, and how to limit waste while creating cocktails. Once you’ve mixed up those tasty drinks with your +1, you can sit back, relax and enjoy an intimate live music performance from singer-songwriter, Freddie Long.



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