Spiced Champagne Cocktail

"A festive cognac drink and a play on the classic Champagne Cocktail. Easy to replicate at home with a little prep and a visually stunning drink with a holly leaf clipped to the glass." - Rich Woods, aka The Cocktail Guy

    What you need


    Cocktails for:
    1 person
    • 35 ml
      Mince Pie Infused Martell Cognac Liqueur
    • 90 ml
    • Making the mince pie infusion :
    • 330 g
      Quality Mincemeat
    • 1
      Bottle of Martell VS Cognac


    • 1Pour the Mince Pie Infused Martell Cognac Liqueur into a flute glass.
    • 2Gently add the Champagne to the liqueur and mix, being careful not to agitate the bubbles too much.
    • 3Making the mince pie infusion : Pre-heat a water bath or a deep wok or pressure cooker, with water. This should be on a medium-high heat (not above 75⁰).
    • 4Add the cognac and mincemeat to a vacuum bag and seal. Remembering to force out any air. If these are not available, large zip-lock freezer bags work just as well.
    • 5Place the bag in your pre-heated water bath for 60mins, remembering to agitate the bag every 15-20mins to further enhance the infusing.
    • 6Once cooked, transfer the bag to a deep freezer for 1-2hrs to allow the mincemeat to freeze and separate from the liquid.
    • 7In a funnel, place two-fold muslin or a coffee filter. Put the funnel in the neck of a bottle and pass the infusion through the filter.
    • 8Note: Depending on your cooking results, you may have to repeat this last step once more, but the end result is a deep mahogany looking mince pie liqueur – delicious in this cocktail or simply poured over ice.
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