Sweet Charentais melon, honey and calisson ice cream

Serves: 4

    What you need


    • 1
      Charentais melon (For the Base)
    • 250 g
      of wild or organic strawberries (For the Base)
    • 100 g
      orange blossom honey (For the Base)
    • 90 ml
      fresh lime juice (approx. 8 limes) (For the Base)
    • 1/4 bunch
      of fresh verbena (For the Base)
    • 500 ml
      milk (For the Calisson ice cream)
    • 85 g
      sugar (For the Calisson ice cream)
    • 200 g
      calisson paste (For the Calisson ice cream)
    • 50 g
      powdered milk (For the Calisson ice cream)
    • 60 g
      melon pulp (For the Calisson ice cream)
    • 1 tsp
      orange blossom water (For the Calisson ice cream)
    • 4
      whole eggs (For the Calisson ice cream)
    • Almonds (approx. 24) (Additional)


    • 1Preparation the day before Cut the melon in half. With a teaspoon, scoop out the seeds without bruising the melon (keep the seeds), then cut each half into 4 half-moon slices. Using a sharp knife, such as a filleting knife, cut off the skin from the half moons.
    • 2In a pan, bring the honey and lime juice to a boil. Add the leaves of verbena and the melon seeds. Bring to a boil again and take off the fire. Let cool completely then strain, pressing well to catch all of the liquid. Refrigerate.
    • 3To prepare the ice cream Combine the milk, whole eggs, sugar, powered milk and calisson paste and cook over a low heat to obtain a classic ice cream base texture. Immediately cool the mixture to 40 °C then add the melon pulp and the orange blossom water. Let it relax and then process in a blender to a very fine puree. Place in the freezer.
    • 4To prepare the almonds Select 24 fresh almonds. Peel the almonds and set them, covered with moistened paper, in the refrigerator.
    • 5Presentation In a shallow dish, arrange the thinly sliced melon half-moons sprinkled with fresh strawberries and almonds. Over this, pour the well chilled melon juice mixture. Top with a quenelle of calisson ice cream.
    • 6Martell Pairing Try with a glass of L’or De Jean Martell, enjoyed neat on very special occasions.The silky-smooth and subtle tones, followed by richer, more substantial flavours – like notes of blackcurrant, gingerbread and orange peel – work in harmony with the wonderful Charentais melon.

    This recipe is part of Martell Pure Gourmet, a selection of dishes designed to complement our range of Martell Cognac. Our founder Jean Martell was a character who enjoyed the finer things in life with a passion for tasting rare dishes and delicacies: ‘Our duty should be a pleasure, and our pleasure a duty’. Pure Gourmet is inspired by Martell’s pure method for the creation of its Cognacs. Pure Gourmet is all about ingredient-led cuisine. Three pure ingredients are chosen from renowned territories worldwide and are then prepared and finessed. These ingredient pairings and recipes accompany the Martell cognac range, elevating every facet of it, so that you, our cognac aficionados, can have a new heightened enjoyment of Martell and a unique gastronomic moment at home.

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