Watch our latest creative project, a collaboration with composer and musician Adem Ilhan, who is constantly challenging the norm and bringing new perspectives to traditional forms. Martell VS Single Distillery is the product of our great cognac house’s constant curiosity. This cognac marries spirits from a single distillation source to create a style both richer and more intense. Instantly recognisable by its updated bottle shape, Martell VSSD represents an ambitious new expression of the familiar Martell style. Just like the traditional world of composing soundtracks, Adem applies the same innovation and creative flair when it comes to making music.


Ilhan set about working with the liquid and glass of Martell VSSD, using them in different ways to create a palate of sounds: metallic waterphones, tuned glass receptacles, differently weighted percussive bottles, bowed glass surfaces, African water drums echoing through Martell and cymbals lowered into liquid to alter their pitch. From this recording session, Ilhan set about editing these elements into a final piece, the numbers of Martell’s founding year of 1715 forming the basis of the musical motif that flows throughout the music.