06.17.2021 - 1 min

Esports Entrepreneur Erin Simon is Game for Anything​​

    A Swift Story

    ​In Early June, Erin Ashley Simon was on Twitter describing a high-profile celebrity boxing match. ​

    “The most important takeaway from the Mayweather vs Paul event is that just working hard isn’t enough. It’s important to make smart moves too.”​

    Erin knows all about hard work and smart moves. A former Division 1 footballer and lifelong avid gamer, from an early age she had the audacity to transform her passions into possibilities. ​

    At 16 she launched a blog dedicated to sports, entertainment, music and style, attracting millions of viewers on YouTube and paving the way for a career in sports journalism.​

    Now 29, Erin is a multimedia personality, TV host and producer, and co-owner of a new esports organisation, XSET. ​

    Her growing presence comes at a time when esports too is emerging into the mainstream. Unlike traditional sports such as American football, esports fans and players traverse gender, racial, national, economic, ethnic and sexual orientation lines.​



    Black and Latina, Erin uses her social media and other channels to offer a positive, encouraging and inclusive perspective on the sporting and gaming community – though is unafraid to call out bullying and abuse when she sees it. ​

    “In honor of Juneteenth, let’s all celebrate amazing Black Women creatives within esports/gaming/nerd culture,” she recently posted.​

    Through XSET, she is determined to change the face of gaming culture for the better. The organisation prides itself on inclusivity and makes efforts to champion causes including the Black Lives Matter movement, environmental consciousness, and mental health. ​

    As a Standout Swift, Erin Ashely Simon applies her distinct and singular spirit of audacity to the world of Maison Martell. ​

    Her Puerto Rican Swift Sour cocktail pays homage to her roots, combining coconut water with pineapple juice, lime and Martell Blue Swift. To borrow a phrase from boxing, it’s a knockout!​

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