Country / City: USA, New York
Online presence (Facebook, Instagram, Weibo, etc.): IG and FB:
Profession / Occupation: Fashion designer and CEO of the prêt-à-porter brand Heimstone


Alix Petit is a 31 year old Parisian who has been living in New York for the last two years.
After studying fashion, design & pattern-making at college in Paris then art studies, she went travelling and decided this was where she would find her inspiration for colours and materials.
She founded Heimstone when she was 23 years-old and today has a lot of fun with her brand, developing fabrics and prints.


Why did you decide to live in this country and what aspect of your new dual culture do you find most enriching?
I love the United States, I've always been fascinated by the country because I travelled there a lot since I was child.
I'm fascinated by the informality and positivity of Americans. Everything is possible here, people are happy to see you and say "hi" in the morning. Unlike France where everyone says "no", here everything starts with a "yes". And that's a good feeling. I chose New York because it's a magical city, full of energy. Every morning when I leave home (very early), I can feel this energy taking hold of me. Here, I feel like doing 10 times more, I see bigger, I think bigger, and everything moves faster!

What French touch do you pass on there in your daily life and/or in your profession?
As much as I love the United States and New York, I remain French and Parisian in my soul and I'm proud to be both.
Apparently I have a very "French" way about me. I've got a really thick accent, I drink wine, I answer "oui" instead of "yes", and I say "putain" [f*cking hell] (too) often. That says it all, I think!
Otherwise with Heimstone, even though it's a brand which travels a lot given that each collection references a destination, it remains very Parisian with a French chic allure. And Americans love that!

Which experience epitomising French Art de Vivre in your country and/or city would you recommend?
I love having a seafood platter at the restaurant, Balthazar. The back terrace of the Bowery Hotel, which is my Café de Flore in New York.
I go to Ladurée on West Broadway when I have a craving for macaroons or French pastries!