Regis Triguel

Country / City: The Russian Federation/ Moscow
Online presence (Facebook, Instagram, Weibo, etc.): Facebook/ Instagram
Profession / Occupation: Chef/ Hotel-Restaurant sector

After an apprenticeship with Alain Bureau in Ozoir-la-Ferrière, Regis Triguel started his career at the Plaza Athénée with Eric Briffard.
This was followed by a stint with Alain Ducasse in the 16th arrondissement of Paris followed by the Hôtel de Crillon, Place de la Concorde, with Dominique Bouchet. His first job abroad was at the Hôtel du Rhône in Geneva- Mandarin Oriental with Frédéric Charrière, with whom he’d worked at the Crillon. This was followed by a return to France as a chef and consultant to a Lebanese investor for three years, for the launch of several projects (hotels, restaurants, catering, etc.)
In 2005 he went to Moscow for six months, which was to be followed by San Francisco. By sheer force of circumstance, he remained here for four years, initially for the Mercury Group. Then from March 2010 he worked for Alexander Mamut, for his restaurants. He’s pleased to have stayed on.


Why did you decide to live in this country? What aspect of these two cultures do you find most enriching?
For the speed of change, which makes you always question everything. Sheer positivity!

What French touch do you pass on there? What French Art de Vivre are you sharing with others in the country?
Taste and technique in harmony with the art of eating. Tradition in harmony with modernity. Fashion and beautiful things...

Which experience epitomising French Art de Vivre in your country and/or city would you recommend?
For Russians, French art de vivre consists of fashion, wine, and fine food. While fashion is given a lot of exposure, there are some difficulties when it comes to fine food. There are very few French restaurants. The Brasserie "Most" represents for me a large part of our traditions and expertise, adapted to the 21st century.