Malika Favre

Country / City: UK, London
Online presence (Facebook, Instagram, Weibo, etc.): /
Profession / Occupation: Illustrator

Malika Favre is a French illustrator who has lived and worked in London since 2004. Her approach strives to reduce the lines and colours which make up her drawings as much as possible, in order to make the essence of them stand out more clearly. A minimalist, she explores the relationship between positive and negative spaces.


Why did you decide to live in this country? What aspect of these two cultures do you find most enriching?
I arrived in London about 10 years ago and, like many people, only intended staying here a year but never left. London has a very special energy; it’s a city that belongs to nobody and everybody at the same time, a little like New York. The creative scene here is rich, accessible and, most of all, is constantly on the move. It’s a place where my French identity and English habits can co-exist without ever having to choose between them.

What French touch do you pass on there? What French Art de Vivre are you sharing with others in the country?
My thick accent and plain speaking have never completely left me. They’re mixed in with some more or less successful intonations and a little tact and diplomacy. As to Art de Vivre, I really focus on the art of eating: I share my raclette machine and the charcuterie that I bring back from my escapades.

Which experience epitomising French Art de Vivre in your adopted country and/or city would you recommend?
Taking a stroll along the canal between Angel and Broadway Market in the summer, stocking up with cheese to make your mouth water, then with bread at E5 Bakery, and ending up in Victoria Park for an off-the-cuff picnic.