We are proud to be able to recreate a blend that was enjoyed as far back as the late 1800’s and to be able to have discerning drinkers experience the depth of flavour that was being created, even back then. This new blend truly captures three centuries of Martell turning cognac into art.

Benoît Fil, Cellar Master

Premier Assemblage The spirit

The spirit

Martell Cellar Master Benoît Fil studied the records from the House Archives, dated from 14 February 1879 at length before endeavoring to make a faithful reproduction of the formula written by his distant predecessor, with the same origins and using eaux-de-vie of feisty character, aged in different types of casks, and chosen on the merit of each of their flavors.

The result is a balanced composition of eight cognac vintages; Grande and Petite Champagne, Borderies, Fins Bois and Bons Bois, creating a blend that reflects the richness of the Charentes terrors. In another tribute to the brand’s heritage the bottle which houses Martell Premier Assemblage is an authentic cognac flask, used from the end of the 19th century, with a characteristically robust shape. The blue label of that time has been faithfully reproduced, and bears the House’s coat of arms and the signature J. & F. Martell, in honor of Jean and Frédéric Martell, the founder’s two sons who gave their names to the House

Premier Assemblage Tasting notes

Tasting notes


An amber brown colour


The expressive first nose is unusual, bringing out lovely notes of candied plum and apple. Swirling releases additional notes of vanilla and delicate spices, cinnamon and clove.


In the mouth, it is initially sweet and mellow. Fruity notes gradually develop (candied plum, dried apricot, candied orange peel), then sweet vanilla and cinnamon add volume and freshness, sustaining a deliciously long finish.

Premier Assemblage

Cognac 700ml bottle

Premier Assemblage Cognac 700ml bottle