We are artists, musicians, entrepreneurs and taste makers. We Make a Statement by coming together to celebrate the excellence of Martell. We are the Swift Ones.


Swift Ones Hustle Simmons - Chicago, IL

Hustle Simmons - Chicago, IL

What does being a father mean to you?
Being a father is the best thing ever! Knowing that my daughter watches my every move inspires me to be great, so when she gets older she will never settle for anything less than the best.

What traditions do you have as a dad?
I've recently started a new tradition with my daughter when we get off the phone or when I drop her off at school. I ask her four important questions, letting her know she's a beautiful queen who deserves respect:
1) What are you? A queen.
2) What do you expect and deserve? Respect.
3) What does the world owe you? Nothing, but I owe myself everything.
4) Who loves you? Daddy loves me, but I must love myself.

Swift Ones Tay Mitch -  Houston, TX

Tay Mitch - Houston, TX

How are you making a statement?
I believe my style of digital storytelling is definitely making a statement; my way of placing the viewer in my world, influencing them to be fearless and creating a proactive way of life. That’s definitely going to be a part of my legacy.

What does being a father mean to you?
Being a father means growing into your adulthood and becoming a better leader for your children. It has inspired me to create a great legacy to pass down to my daughter, so she's proud to say, "Tay Mitch is my father."

What traditions do you have as a dad?
My daughter and I have a Sunday tradition, which includes making her favorite breakfast (scrambled eggs, triangle pancakes, and hash browns), followed by an afternoon ice cream treat and watching her favorite cartoons before bed.

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