We’ve been working with Martell for three years. It is a very bold partnership. What we believe in is to bring the Bronx to the world and the world to the Bronx. On our Martell Blue Swift Limited-Edition design, we have the four swifts which cross the Atlantic so this kind of represents the audacity, the post-modernism and all of the expressions that you will see on the box art.

Ghetto Gastro

Martell Blue Swift Limited Edition by Ghetto Gastro Martell Blue Swift Limited Edition by Ghetto Gastro

Martell Blue Swift Limited Edition by Ghetto Gastro

For its 2019 gifting collection, Maison Martell launched an unprecedented collaboration with four international creative talents. Hailing from diverse domains and cultures, they are united by a spirit of audacity which led them to forge their own path to success – something they share with Maison Martell and its founder Jean Martell.

Ghetto Gastro take disruptive street-food from the Bronx and elevate it to fine cuisine to be spread across the globe. Like Martell Blue Swift, the world’s first spirit drink made with VSOP cognac then finished in Kentucky bourbon casks, Ghetto Gastro celebrate the breaking of boundaries and the meeting of cultures. This is symbolized on their design by the meeting of two swifts, the historic emblem of Maison Martell.

Martell Blue Swift Limited Edition by Ghetto Gastro

Tasting Notes

To the eye

We can admire an elegant coppery color with golden glints.

On the nose     

We first notice gourmet aromas such as banana and caramelized pears. 
Then a subtle sweetness appears, and notes of vanilla & coconut mixed with spicy and menthol are revealed.

In the mouth

It is soft, round and gourmand.  We taste deep and fresh notes of ginger and white candied fruits such as plums.
We then feel the ample, smooth and long toasted oak finish from Kentucky Bourbon casks.


Martell Blue Swift is a new spirit drink made with Cognac VSOP finished in Bourbon casks to enjoy on its own, over ice, lengthened with a mixer or as a cocktail.