Emerging from darkness into light, Millésime 1972 perpetuates the savoir-faire initiated by Jean Martell in 1715.

Christophe Valtaud, Cellar Master

Millesimes 1972 THE SPIRIT


For this limited and numbered series, Martell has chosen to unveal a vintage eau-de-vie which reached its true sensory fullness after aging forty-three years in old barrels, then resting in the Chais de la Coquille, the Martell’s oldest cellars. 

The Millésimes Collection brings a vintage eau-de-vie into the light of the day, one chosen for its exceptional temperament and embodiment of the elegance, balance and complexity that characterize Martell style.

Millesimes 1972 TASTING NOTES



Millésime 1972 displays a golden copper hue with glints of amber and plenty of lustrous radiance.


At first vivid and intense, is characterised by prominent honey and gingerbread notes. Overall, the impression is of supreme balance with a hint of red berries and black fruit, such as blackcurrant or even gooseberry.


After a generous attack marked by red berries and black fruit(wild blackberries),the palate reveals a fine equilibrium of candied and dried fruit (old nuts and almonds), gingerbread and wood, all beautifully integrated and bringing a certain elegance, complexity and tremendous length.


Best enjoyed neat for special occasions.

Millesimes 1972

Cognac 700ml bottle

millesimes 1972