Comité Colbert

The Comité Colbert (a French association founded in 1954) has a membership of 70 French luxury-goods houses seeking collectively to promote their shared values in France and abroad. The purpose of the Comité Colbert is to showcase the creativity of its members and raise awareness of the role they play in the arts.

The 70 houses represent a wide range of crafts and professions: haute couture and the manufacture of accessories, perfumers, jewellers, makers of designer homeware, hoteliers, practitioners of the gastronomic arts and also producers of fine wine, champagne and cognac.Founded by creative men of vision, these companies worked within the aesthetic codes of their day but also knew how to move with the times. The members of the Comité Colbert are governed by common values and a common belief in the importance of mutual enrichment through shared experiences.Since 2006, Martell has been part of the Comité Colbert and is the only cognac house represented.