Prepared using eaux-de-vie aged for two years on average, Martell VS is seen as a bright young cognac. Its fresh, fruity side makes it an ideal base when preparing cocktails.

Benoît Fil, Cellar Master

V.S. The spirit

The spirit

Martell VS (‘Very Special’) cognac was created over 150 years ago under the ‘Three Star’ name (***) and is enjoyed all over the world. Its harmonious, finely balanced blend makes it the ideal cognac for long drinks and cocktails.

V.S. Tasting notes

Tasting notes

A fresh, harmonious cognac of vigorous character.


Light gold


Rich fruit and spice notes framed by freshness: citrus, fresh pear and saffron. 

Labdanum or rockrose leaves and incense. Woody notes from the fine-grained oak cask


Wood and spice notes with a pleasant freshness and a velvety texture.

A cognac to enjoy neat, as a long drink (mixed with ginger ale or tonic water, for example), or in a cocktail.


Cognac 700ml bottle

V.S. Cognac 700ml bottle