Vignoble A. Couillaud

Available in very limited quantities, the Martell Vignoble A. Couillaud cognac captures the quintessence of the Cognac region.

Cognac 700 ml bottle

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Product Discovery

The Aroma

Very distinctive leafy, fruit notes of blackcurrant, candied orange peel, light beeswax and walnuts.

The Taste

A powerful and well-structured attack, with prominent notes of blackcurrant leaf lending a slight bitterness while supporting a remarkably sustained finish.

The Martell Single Estate Collection captures the quintessence of Cognac’s terroir, highlighting the expertise of the men and women who tend the vines, make the wines, and distil and age the eaux-de-vie. It offers a selection of outstanding cognacs, each produced in limited quantities not only from a single cru, but by a single domain.

Each estate has been chosen for the quality and character endowed by its location, soil and climate, yielding grapes and, subsequently, eaux-de-vie with a distinctive identity. The owner of each estate contributes the very best from his vineyards, while the Martell Cellar Master selects the most outstanding eaux-de-vie, using virtuosity in the art of blending and ageing to create cognacs of exceptional quality.

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Please do not share with anyone under 18. Drink responsibly.