Introducing Bottle Identification and Verification Feature


    Martell Malaysia announced that it will add an all-new verification feature on Martell bottles, enabling consumers to reliably authenticate their product and engage with the brand in meaningful ways. The feature, which applies to the group’s duty-paid Martell Cordon Bleu, Martell Noblige, and Martell XO bottles, rolled out in phases starting in January 2020.

    Sebastien Mouquet, Managing Director of Pernod Ricard Malaysia said:

    “This new bottle verification feature is another disruptive initiative from Martell, a brand that has established an entire ecosystem dedicated to innovation. It is important to us that our customers are now able to identify and verify their Martell’s cognac, which has been enjoyed and cherished for three centuries, back to its origins and knows that every opportunity to engage with the House of Martell is open to them.”

    With the roll-out, each of the aforementioned Martell bottles will be assigned to a unique QR code which will be tagged to a unique security code.

    The newly incorporated QR code system does not require any downloading and is responsive to smartphone devices. To enhance security and safety, consumers are directed to follow two rounds of verifications — QR code scanning and inputting a three-digit unique code — which assures accessibility to legitimate products and prevents consumers from purchasing counterfeit alcohol.

    The product verification includes a three-step procedure as follows:

    1. Scan the QR code on the product and they will be directed to a website.
    2. Confirm they are of legal age by entering their birth year.
    3. Verify their product matches to the one displayed on the screen. Upon completion of the first round of verification, once the bottle is opened, consumers will be requested to perform the second round as follows:
    4. Input a three-digit unique code which can be found under the capsule of the bottle.

    The website linked to the QR code will allow Martell to connect with consumers at the point of purchase when they are actively engaged. A user-friendly interface that contains product and brand information to give customers access to the Martell’s rich heritage as the oldest of the great French cognac houses and details about its collection of cognacs. Further down the line, this new initiative will create an opportunity to engage with Martell’s brand experiences, uncover new and exciting campaigns, and receive promotions.

    Malaysia will be the third market worldwide to introduce the bottle verification feature, following Pernod Ricard China’s successful implementation of the feature that has been in place for the last seven years, and Pernod Ricard Vietnam’s recent rollout.

    Please do not share with anyone under 21. Drink responsibly.