Introducing the Martell Single Cru Collection

    For over 300 years, Maison Martell has plunged its roots deep into the soils of the Cognac region, aiming always to express the authentic essence of the terroir. Now, every cognac in the Martell Single Cru collection is crafted with eaux-de-vie from a single terroir, revealing the distinctive taste and unique personality of each individual terroir – each cru – in a way it has never done before.

    For the cognac lovers, it is an invitation to discover the origins and essence of Martell Single Cru by exploring a world of exciting new taste sensations and a unique opportunity to create their own personal collection as Martell Single Cru will be enriched over time.

    The Martell Single Cru Collection is structured in three ascending editions offering unique taste sensations.


    Martell Single Cru Collection: Discovery Edition

    An introduction to the main crus of Cognac region

    The first edition is an ideal introduction to the collection, and a perfect starting point for the exploration of the Cognac regions.


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    Martell Cellar Master Christophe Valtaud has crafted three cognacs from eaux-de-vie sourced from a single cru in order to reveal the authentic taste and unique personality of each.

    Martell Single Cru Fins Bois invigorates the senses with lush, juicy fruit, for a vibrant, fragrant sensation on the palate. Martell Single Cru Petite Champagne is intense and spicy, bursting with warm spices and rich nuts, while Martell Borderies rolls over the tongue with sweet fruit and subtle florals, leaving a delicious impression of fullness.

    Single Cru Fins Bois
    Single Cru Fins Bois
    Single Cru Petite Champagne
    Single Cru Petite Champagne
    Single Cru Borderies
    Single Cru Borderies

    Martell Single Cru Collection: Aged Edition

    A journey through the most prestigious crus of the Cognac region

    This second edition continues the exploration with Borderies and Grande Champagne, the two most exclusive Cognac terroirs, which were singled out by Jean Martell himself as early as the 18th century.

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    For the Aged Edition, Christophe Valtaud has made a precise selection of eaux-de-vie which not only express the essence of each prestigious terroir, but are also remarkable for their age. An eau-de-vie evolves throughout the ageing process, and these two cognacs have benefited from many years of ageing to develop new organoleptic properties, attaining an aromatic richness that is exceptional in the case of an XO, and reaches a form of plenitude for an XXO.


    Martell Single Cru Collection: Vintage Edition

    These rare vintages are the exceptional expression of a single terroir and single year.

    With the Vintage Edition, the exploration of Maison Martell’s terroirs reaches its culmination. This exceptional cognac represents the encounter between a terroir and a year, with its specific climatic conditions – a rare event, in that it only happens once.

    The Cellar Master defines the point at which an eaux-de-vie is ready to reveal nature’s finest, purest, and rarest qualities at a given moment.

    To start the Vintage Edition, Christophe Valtaud selected a remarkable Borderies eau-de-vie from the Gallienne estate, the emblematic vineyard of the Martell family. It was produced in 1999, a challenging year in terms of climate, which resulted in lower volumes at harvest, but increased the quality and rarity of the grapes. In February 2000, immediately after distillation, the eau-de-vie was transferred to fine-grained oak barrels, ageing for 23 years to attain its aromatic plenitude.

    Please do not share with anyone under 21. Drink responsibly.