Noblige campaign reveals new dimensions

Soar beyond the expected

Leap into action

    Eddie Peng, 彭于晏 is already one of Asia’s biggest on-screen stars. But the actor, singer and model’s latest role is set to reveal yet another new dimension to his talent. As one of Maison Martell’s newest Standout Swifts, Peng joins a select few global icons who are pushing boundaries in audacious ways.

    Look no further than his lead role in new film The Leap, produced for Martell Noblige, which extols the virtues of surpassing yourself, and going beyond the unexpected.

    The campaign is directed by internationally renowned artist, photographer and film director Wing Shya, a long-time collaborator of Wong Kar-Wai. With this new campaign Wing Shya signs his third collaboration with Maison Martell.

    The film coincides with Martell Noblige unveiling its exciting new look that typifies its flair, energy and unconventional attitude.

    Martell x Eddie Peng cover
    Standout superstar

    Actor, singer, model, Standout Swift

    From epic blockbusters to indie darlings, Peng has featured in more than 30 box-office films, making him one of China’s most bankable stars.

    Never one to rest on his laurels, Peng constantly seeks to challenge perception and test his remarkable talents. This mindset makes him the perfect embodiment of a Martell Standout Swift.

    Martell Noblige x Eddie Peng
    Elegance, never out of style

    Design goes electric

    As Martell Noblige’s design has evolved over the decades, two qualities have always remained constant: its singular character and flair, and its cutting-edge style.

    Its latest look remains true to this spirit. The bottle retains its famed elegant and elongated shape, yet is enhanced with a large, engraved Martell swift emblem.

    The box meanwhile is wholly transformed, changing colour from traditional burgundy to eye-catching electric blue. Here the Martell swift remains a key feature, both as an abstract all-over motif in the design, and emblem set against a silhouette.

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    Simple, elegant cocktail

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    Try our signature Martell Noblige and Coffee cocktail, made with freshly ground coffee and simple syrup. Deceptively simple, and unexpectedly elegant.

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