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How to buy cognac?


    Choosing the best cognac for you

    Tasting cognac is all about enjoying a moment of pleasure, whether in the company of others, or on your own.

    How cognac is made gives each bottle a distinct flavour, colour and character. Different cognacs have a distinct personality, reflecting the blend, maturation, and heritage of the house where it is produced. Maison Martell, for example, has over 300 years of history and savoir-faire in every bottle.

    There is no one cognac, and no one way to drink it. You need not be a cognac expert to know what defines good cognacs to buy.

    Often, the best cognac for you comes down to a question of personal taste, and how you will taste it.

    Also keep in mind the best cognac for your taste and experience might not reflect the cognac price. For example, one of the best cognacs for beginners is Martell VS. Rich, fruity and harmonious, it’s distinguished by its remarkable smoothness on the palate.

    Buy cognac based on taste

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    For cocktail-lovers or fans of mixology, Martell VSOP is subtle, elegant, and balanced, and an authentic expression of the Martell style, suited to many of the best cocktails made with cognac.

    Or try Martell Noblige, it retains its distinctive flavour, even when mixed with other alcohols or ingredients.

    Neat or on the rocks

    If you prefer cognac with ice – ‘cognac on the rocks’ – or neat, the Martell Cordon Bleu is hard to surpass, a masterful XO cognac, blended from more than 100 rare eaux-de-vie from the small Borderies cru.

    To savour

    When seeking something to savour, look for XO cognac. (Quite simply, that its eaux-de-vie is ‘extra old’.)

    Eaux-de-vie in Martell XO, the House’s signature interpretation of the prestigious Grande Champagne terroir, are aged a minimum of 10 years.

    Prestige cognacs

    Or why not Martell Chanteloup XXO? A blend of 450 very old eaux-de-vie, matured for at least 14 years.

    For true aficionados, buying prestige cognacs would be the height of luxury gifts. The L’Or de Jean Martell expresses the nuances of over 700 rare and precious eaux-de-vie, some aged for more than a century in the famous Jean Martell cellar.

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    Buy cognac for cooking

    Alternatively, you may be seeking to buy cognac to elevate your skills in the kitchen. From pasta in cognac cream sauce, plump farmhouse chicken breast with cognac mushroom sauce, or a dessert of chocolate and cognac sauce over poached pears, cooking with cognac adds finesse to any meal. Here, Martell VS cognac and Martell VSOP cognac are especially versatile.

    Our gift finder tool can help you find unique gifts from the Martell range, perfect as luxury gifts, Christmas gifts, and yes, as gifts for the man – or woman – who has everything.