Cordon Bleu Limited Edition by Vincent Darré

After working during 20 years for the most famous luxury Houses, Vincent Darré is applying his talents as a designer and interior decorator embodying the timeless luxury of French decorative arts. Often expressing his artistical vision through watercolours illustrations.Vincent Darré has redrawn Martell Swift in a style evoking doves of peace, thus creating an allegory in which the Martell swift is the bearer of a universal warmth and generosity directly linked to the reputation of Martell Cordon Bleu. The blue ribbon in the design connects the swifts, just as Martell Cordon Bleu connects people with the generosity of its taste.


the spirit

I love to set the scene, to dramatize my ideaI always start with a story which I write like a film script, before bringing my concepts to life trough watercolours

Vincent Darré

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The Colour

Deep, golden copper.

The Aroma

Vibrant, rich and complex, with orchard fruit – candied plum and apple – harmonising with roasted notes of mocha coffee, toasted almonds and vetiver.

The Taste

An exceptionally rounded, mellow sensation further enhanced by Borderies eaux-de-vie, which lend elegance and complexity. An impressively long finish characterised by notes of fruit and spices.

Serving Tips

Ideal for special occasions. Best enjoyed neat or with a splash of water.

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Ideal for special occasions. Best enjoyed neat or with a splash of water.

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Please do not share with anyone under 18. Drink responsibly.