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A collaboration with artist Jacky Tsai


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Maison Martell x artist Jacky Tsai


    Maison Martell is set to auction its first ever non-fungible token (NFT), featuring an exclusive single-edition artwork by London-based Chinese artist and long-standing Martell collaborator Jacky Tsai. The Voyage of the Swift is a spectacular 3D animation centred on the artist’s dynamic, contemporary vision of the swift – the historic emblem of Maison Martell, which symbolises its spirit of daring and freedom.

    Demonstrating his signature bold use of colour and collage, Jacky Tsai has reimagined the swift with elements drawn from Maison Martell’s rich heritage, from vine leaves and oak barrels to the sailing ships on which the House first sent its cognacs to China in 1858. The NFT auction should not surprise followers of Jacky Tsai, who has made a name internationally for his audacious artworks across an array of mediums, from painting and sculpture to installations and digital art.

    The artist typically explores ancestral Oriental techniques, fusing cultural extremes in dynamic collages combining traditional Eastern imagery with elements inspired by Western pop art. A recent partnership with Maison Martell saw the artist create two striking limited editions of the House’s Martell Noblige and Martell VSOP cognacs for the 2021 festive season.

    Martell’s first foray into the exciting world of NFTs takes place on the online marketplace SuperRare, the pioneering destination for unique NFT artwork.

    Jacky Tsai portrait

    An audacious artist

      A daring and prolific talent, ​Chinese artist Jacky Tsai explores ancestral oriental techniques across a range of mediums, from painting and sculpture, to installations and digital art. His original style finds a delicate balance and harmony between cultural extremes, which fuses traditional Eastern artistic techniques and imagery with references to Western pop art to create iconic collages. Perhaps he is best known for the emblem created for British fashion designer Alexander McQueen in 2008, of a skull depicted by intricate flowers.

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        “This piece is all about a beautiful swift that starts her journey from Cognac to seek an adventure in the east. All the animals follow her path and are encouraged by her ‘dare to be different and standout’ spirit. The beautiful swift is made by some of the most important elements in Martell’s 300 years rich history.” – Jacky Tsai



        NFT explained
        What is a Non-Fungible Token?

        NFT explained

          Non-fungible tokens are gaining popularity in the world of art as a means of certifying authenticity or proof of ownership of high-end digital art files, such as a digital photo, audio or animation.

          The NFT is stored on a blockchain, which serves as a public ledger testifying to the owner of each token.

          A collector of fine art might equate an NFT with the receipt for purchase of an original artwork, albeit digital art. This is important in digital art, given the simplicity with which one can otherwise copy or reproduce work.

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