2 min

Fine à l'eau

A Fine à l'eau is a refreshing and sophisticated classic cocktail. Its simplicity and elegant flavors make it a delightful option to enjoy all year round.

What you need

Cocktails for:
1 person


  • Martell VS​
    1.5 parts
  • Simple syrup​
    0.5 parts
  • Verjus​
    1 part
  • Sparkling water​
    4 parts

Tools and Utensils

1 jigger / 1 stirrer / ice cubes

Serving tips

Serve in a long glass.​

Meet Martell’s new Master Mixologist

An audacious artist

Remy Savage is world-renowned for his craftwork and creativity – and breaking a few rules along the way – with accolades that include ‘World’s Most Imaginative Bartender’, and ‘Best European Mixologist’. Keep an eye out for Remy’s cocktail recipes, designed exclusively for Martell.

An audacious artist

Please do not share with anyone under 21. Drink responsibly.