Nutritional Information

    There is more to cognac than how it is made. Find the information you need about cognac nutrition from across the different cognac brands in the Maison Martell range.

    These charts include detailed information regarding the cognac alcohol strength, carbohydrates, calories, fat, proteins, allergens and other qualities.  


    Standard serving size for all spirits listed is 1.5 US fluid ounces*

    Product Variation

    Martell VS/Martell VSOP/Martell Caractere/

    Cordon Bleu/Martell XO/Martell Creation

    AVB (%)40
    Serving size* (fl oz)1.5
    Calories (Kcal/serving size)100
    Calories from fat (Kcal/serving size)0
    Fat (g/serving size)0
    Saturated fat (g/serving size)0
    Sodium (mg/serving size)0
    Carbohydrates (g/serving size)0
    Sugars (g/serving size)0
    Proteins (g/serving size)0


    Is Martell Cognac gluten-free ?

    Cognac is an amber-coloured alcoholic drink, made from distilling white wine, using only very specific types of grapes, to create eau-de-vie, aging it in oak casks for a minimum of two years and then blending different of these eaux-de-vie to create a specific flavour (see “What is cognac made from?“). Thence, Martell cognacs are considered gluten-free and should not cause any celiac and other gluten-related disorders.

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