3 min

Peach Ball Punch

The perfect summer cocktail. Add a twist by adding a dash of bergamot juice and using vanilla syrup instead of sugar.

What you need

Cocktails for:
1 person


  • Martell VS
    2 parts
  • Peach Liquor
    0.75 part
  • lemon juice
    1 part
  • simple syrup
    0.5 part
  • Mint leaves


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Pour ingredients over ice in a punch bowl.


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Garnish with mint leaves, peach slices, strawberry slices.


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A Slice of India

Punch comes from India where 'paantsch' means five in Hindi, for the five parts of the original recipe. The word 'punch' first appeared in print in 1832, but thanks to British sailors it was popular in Europe as early as the 1650s. It was later adopted by the British aristocracy, who spread the word in the courts of Europe during the 18th century. The first recipe for a 'brandy punch' was published in 1702 in The Hague in the Dictionnaire Royal Français-Anglais.

Please do not share with anyone under 21. Drink responsibly.