Blue Swift Limited Edition Fahamu Pecou

For the Martell Blue Swift Limited Edition, Dr. Fahamu Pecou was inspired by how this ground-breaking spirit brings together two traditions - French cognac and American bourbon - to create a new experience, a new harmony. Fahamu Pecou is an American artist from Atlanta. He defines himself as a versatile artist: scholar, painter, singer, musician. He aims to fight against boxes and categories.

750ml bottle

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Product Discovery

The Colour

Copper with golden highlights.

The Aroma

Gourmet notes of banana and caramelised pear introduce the subtle sweetness of vanilla, coconut and spices.

The Taste

Generous notes of ginger and white candied fruit such as plums. Distinctive hints of toasted oak from Kentucky bourbon casks.



The artist painted the twin portraits of a man and a woman, which feature on the gift box, specifically for Maison Martell in vibrant harmonies of blue.



Serving Tips

Enjoy on its own, over ice, lengthened with a mixer or as a Swift Sour cocktail.

Please do not share with anyone under 21. Drink responsibly.