Janelle Monae x Martell


Inspired by Monáe’s iconic influence across music, fashion and film—and Martell’s origins of redefining conventions—comes our new campaign feature innovative Martell Blue Swift. Go on a journey with Janelle Monáe as she literally turns her world upside down, drives change and inspires others to create their own path. It’s just the beginning—there will be much more to come from this dynamic partnership.

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Take a peek behind the scene of our production to discover more of our Standout Swift, Janelle Monáe and Director, child.

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Martell further solidifies its support for BIPOC communities during Black History Month, Women’s History Month and beyond with a $200,000 donation to the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation for a second year in a row, which will be used to fund projects that advance opportunities and education for BIPOC women in the restaurant industry.

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Martell Blue Swift

An audacious combination. Martell Blue Swift is made of cognac VSOP then finished in Bourbon Barrels.

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Have you heard of Loïs Mailou Jones? In the 1940s, she established a hub where local Black artists and students thrived creatively, learning and growing in their craft. In an industry that often couldn’t see colors beyond the tone of their skin. Dubbed ‘The Little Paris Group’, this hub became a space for Jones and others to let their talents #SoarBeyondTheExpected. And on 3/23, Martell wants to honor her legacy by recreating that magic again.

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