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Build your own cognac gift set ​

    cognac essentials

    A personalized cognac gift for someone who has everything

    There are different cognacs for everyone – it’s what makes this refined spirit one of the best gift ideas for a birthday, Christmas or special person.

    For a truly personalized gift, however, consider creating your own gift set around your chosen bottle of favourite Martell cognac.

    Let’s explore some ideas.

    Glassware, and other cognac gift set basics

    A crystal decanter makes for an elegant addition to the gift of any  cognac bottle (even if decanting cognac serves for presentation only).

    However, you may wish to start more simply with a pair of cognac glasses. Remember, there is no one correct glass for cognac – it depends on the cognac you select, and the way you drink it

    It’s often said the best way to drink cognac neat is from a tulip glass. This glass has a narrow base and slightly narrower opening that helps release all of the cognac’s aromatic strength.

    The balloon glass is widely used in Asia. It retains all the aromas which come from the cognac when served on ice or as a long drink. For cocktails with cognac, long drinks or cognac on the rocks, however, consider a tumbler or highball glass

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    Gift sets for cognac cocktail-lovers

    Cognac can be mixed , and with other ingredients, to create easy cocktails

    There is no shortage of excellent cocktails made with cognac that can be made at home, with even the most simple cognac cocktail certain to leave a lasting impression.

    A gift set that includes cocktail tools such as a shaker, stirrer, or jigger will surely set the heart of any cocktail-lover alight, especially when offered alongside a bottle of Martell VS and Martell Noblige – two of the most popular cognacs used in classic cocktails.

    Consult our page of Martell cocktails recipes for more inspiration.

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    Cognac gift sets with special treats

    While cognac can always be enjoyed on its own, pairing cognac with other luxury products can reveal its different notes and characteristics. Including a well-chosen chocolate or cigar to your gift set will only heighten the experience.

    ​Pair cognac and chocolate to make a classic combination. For every Martell cognac, there is a perfect chocolate to match.

    Martell Cordon Bleu and Martell Cordon Bleu Extra, for example, are exceptional with chocolate made from 70% Ecuadorian cocoa. Or try Grand Cru chocolate truffle from Madagascar, which has power, roundness and fruity notes.

    Another classic combination is to pair cognac and cigars. While expertly pairing cigars and cognac requires knowledge and care, when the right aromas merge in the mouth, the palate is treated to a remarkable savoury experience.

    Gift sets to impress

    For a truly memorable luxury gift set, let Martell’s finests cognacs take centre stage.

    Among the very best types of cognac is Martell Chanteloup XXO, a blend of 450 very old eaux-de-vie matured for at least 14 years.

    Or, L’Or de Jean Martell, which expresses the myriad nuances of more than 700 rare and precious eaux-de-vie – some aged for more than a century in the famous Jean Martell cellar.

    Complete this exceptional gift set with tickets to visit Maison Martell in Cognac, including our exceptional tours. 

    Standard  cognac gift sets

    Of course, creating customized gifts need not cost the Earth.

    A fine tulip glass or two makes a welcome inclusion with any gift set and will be heighten the enjoyment of the occasion. 

    Certain stores also offer a bottle personalisation service. Engrave the name of your lucky recipient, their birthday, a greeting or a word of thanks. A delightful memory for all to treasure. 

    How to choose a cognac

    Whatever gift set you decide to create, the choice of cognac will always be important.

    There are many different cognacs and cognac grades for every taste and occasion. Why not use the Martell Gift Finder tool to choose the best from among our list of cognacs?

    Please do not share with anyone under 18. Drink responsibly.