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Cognac, a unique gift


    Find the right present this festive season

    A pair of socks, a box of chocolates, a bouquet of flowers? As the end-of-year approaches, many will again face the same, perennial question: what to get someone who has everything?

    Gift-giving is part and parcel of many seasonal celebrations. Maybe it’s a unique gift for Christmas, or a personalised present for an office party. Or perhaps something special to share on Chinese New Year.

    For those short of inspiration, remember there is one exceptional gift that is also versatile enough to be enjoyed on many an occasion. That unique gift is Martell cognac. Let us consider a few of its  attributes.

    Martell VSOP end-of-year limited edition by Christoph Niemann

    Martell VSOP end-of-year limited edition by Christoph Niemann

     A rare commodity

    Cognac is a luxury gift like few others, a truly rare commodity compared to many other types of spirits. Unlike brandy or whisky, for example, cognac is geographically specific, produced from grapes grown only in six small terroirs within one region of a corner of France. No wonder the country’s famed spirit accounts for less than one percent of global spirit sales each year.



    Extreme quality

    The quality of Martell cognac is another part of its appeal. This reflects a savoir-faire defined by two uncompromising choices unique among the great cognac houses. These are the double distillation of exclusively clear wines, and ageing only in barrels of fine-grained oak.

    Drawing upon many long years of practice, Cellar Master Christophe Valtaud and his team create blends from an extraordinary reserve of eaux-de-vie at their disposal, some of which date decades, or even longer.

    Martell Noblige end-of-year limited edition by Christoph Niemann

    Martell Noblige end-of-year limited edition by Christoph Niemann

    Aesthetic appeal

    If the first taste is with the eye, Maison Martell has a proud history of collaborating with audacious artists who bring a contemporary flair to even its most iconic bottles.

    Christoph Niemann is but one of the latest visual storytellers to apply his talents, creating a series of seasonal eye-catching, limited edition designs for Martell Noblige, Martell Cordon Bleu, and Martell VSOP.


    A luxury for everybody

    Finally, Martell offers something for everyone. Each bottle of Martell has its own distinct personality, reflecting its terroir, maturity, production and heritage of the House.

    Whether for dads or brothers, sisters or mothers, Martell’s gift finder tool can help you find the best Martell for the person, and occasion.

    Martell Cordon Bleu end-of-year limited edition by Christoph Niemann

    Martell Cordon Bleu end-of-year limited edition by Christoph Niemann

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