Maison Martell opens its first-ever boutique in Shenzhen

    On September 15th, 2020, the House unveiled a new global retail concept: L’Atelier Martell. Much more than a store, L’Atelier Martell is an invitation to explore the House’s heritage and savoir-faire through audacious experiences and exclusive products. For the launch of this global concept, the House selected Shenzhen, China for its first-ever boutique. To celebrate the occasion, Maison Martell invited media from all over the world to discover L’Atelier Martell through an exclusive digital event, with a guided visit as well as a live tasting with the Martell Cellar Master.

    Glowing with its warm, luxurious ambience, L’Atelier Martell Shenzhen invites visitors to explore the traditions of Maison Martell as well as its heritage of craftsmanship. The name itself conjures up the Martell Cellar Master’s workshop and the boutique’s design showcases the House’s savoir-faire through authentic materials and elements like the wall of oak barrels from the Martell cooperage.

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    As a global concept, L’Atelier Martell nurtures strong local ties, and L’Atelier Martell Shenzhen pays tribute to the city’s vibrant identity and culture. As the debut of the City Collection, L’Atelier Martell Shenzhen offers a limited Shenzhen City Exclusive Edition of Martell Noblige. The boutique also partners with a local art collective, Jiu Society, who reinterpreted the iconic portrait of Jean Martell. Throughout the year, L’Atelier Martell Shenzhen plans events with local collaborations in lifestyle, food and fashion.

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    Designed as an immersive journey, L’Atelier Martell engages clients with audacious features and tailored experiences that accentuate the nuances of Maison Martell’s different cognacs, while creating personal touchpoints. Among other experiences, the House offers the opportunity to explore its most iconic cognacs in a sensorial way, by smelling the cognacs under custom-made domes, or by having several drops applied directly to one’s wrist.

    Other exclusive tailor-made products and encounters include the Cognac from the Cask Experience, which features a special cognac blend by Martell Cellar Master Christophe Valtaud. Clients draw the cognac directly from the barrel into their own montre, or traditional glass sampling bottle. At L’Atelier Martell Shenzhen, clients can further personalise their Martell Cordon Bleu cognac with a custom engraving. Visitors may also participate in regular blending and tasting sessions, while an exceptional tasting led by Christophe Valtaud, live from Cognac, is offered just once a year for a strictly limited number of participants.

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    Through connected, digitally-enhanced experiences, L’Atelier Martell engages and delights clients. At L’Atelier Martell Shenzhen, an interactive screen on the façade encourages visitors to step inside where other immersive features, like the interactive tasting table, take over. In a different area of the boutique, touchscreens supporting the olfactive experience provide key information about the House and individual Martell cognacs. In addition, interactive “audio-tastings” offer new ways to savour Maison Martell cognacs. Through this seamless integration of the digital and physical, L’Atelier Martell creates a complete experience.

    L’Atelier Martell is, of course, rooted in the history and traditions of cognac-making. And with its very first incarnation in Shenzhen, L’Atelier Martell invites its clients to explore that history and become a part of its future.

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    Interactive façade
    Interactive façade
    L'Atelier Martell Shenzhen
    L'Atelier Martell Shenzhen
    Art of Blending Area
    Art of Blending Area
    Cognac from the Cask Experience
    Cognac from the Cask Experience
    Cognac from the Cask Experience
    Cognac from the Cask Experience
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