Martell x Alexandre Mazzia

    Maison Martell and chef Alexandre Mazzia initiate a new gastronomic experience

    Maison Martell and the Michelin three-star chef Alexandre Mazzia are collaborating to define the gastronomic identity of the House. Together, they will propose a creative, generous and sustainable experience, both in Cognac – at the Château de Chanteloup – and worldwide.

    Alexandre Mazzia

    Alexandre Mazzia

    Alexandre Mazzia is an emblematic figure in Marseille, the southern city providing the setting for his restaurant AM par Alexandre Mazzia***, which was awarded its first Michelin star in 2019, before winning the ultimate three stars in 2021. While Marseille is his adopted home, Alexandre Mazzia has roots in the Charente region. As a child, he would spend his summers at his family’s home in Courcoury, near Saintes, not far from Cognac, or sailing with his grandfather, a fisherman, just up the coast on the Île de Ré.


    A shared vision and values

     Alexandre Mazzia’s unconventional journey has taken him from basketball to gastronomy, from the Republic of Congo to Marseille – and now as far as Cognac. On the invitation of Maison Martell, the chef is returning to the region he knows so well. For the next four years, Alexandre Mazzia will define the gastronomic identity of Martell, and orchestrate it both at the Château de Chanteloup in Cognac, which is the heart and soul of the House, and around the world.

    Alexandre Mazzia is known for his inventive cuisine, whose signatures are spices, peppers and roasting. He is passionately attached to his region, while childhood memories of the Congo also flow through his cuisine, via colourful small-portion formats and products in harmony with his surroundings, such as smoked eel-chocolate and raspberry-harissa. A unique adventure of taste sensations, which is absolutely unforgettable.

    Alexandre Mazzia shares with Maison Martell a daring creative vision, authentic generosity, and passionate, uncompromising savoir-faire. Both also have a commitment to nature and the community. Alexandre Mazzia’s approach is one of absolute respect for nature, with a particular focus on short supply chains, and of mutual confidence with his producers, with whom he shares his success.

    By Alexandre Mazzia

    By Alexandre Mazzia

    An experience both sensory and emotional

    For Maison Martell, Alexandre Mazzia will create a new gastronomic experience around cognac, which will debut at the Château de Chanteloup. He comments: “Maison Martell embodies many of the values I hold dear, and I am proud and honoured to be able to work with the House on a unique and profound vision that will reveal cognac in a new way, while preserving the integrity of an exceptional savoir-faire.”

    An executive chef trained by Alexandre Mazzia will be based permanently at the Château de Chanteloup with a mission to implement Maison Martell’s gastronomic vision and identity from day to day.

    César Giron, CEO of Maison Martell, explains: “We are aiming to bring a singular and excellence-driven approach to gastronomy in Cognac. Alexandre Mazzia and Martell Cellar Master Christophe Valtaud will work closely together to create a unique experience, both sensory and emotional.”

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