Matheus Cordoso, Engineer for Good

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    Born and raised in a São Paulo slum, Matheus Cordoso now helps people from similar backgrounds achieve their own dreams. After being awarded a scholarship to attend one of the best engineering schools in Brazil, Matheus returned to his neighbourhood to renovate the home he shared with his mother. In turn, he launched Moradigna, a project that helps thousands of others repair and improve their homes and businesses by elevating the quality of their lives. Matheus makes wishes come true.

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    Born and raised in a São Paulo slum named “Wetland Garden,” Matheus Cordozo spent much of his life combatting the challenges of mould, seepages and flooding. Motivated by what his family was denied — a comfortable, safe home — Matheus planned to make a difference. He applied for and received a scholarship to one of the best engineering schools in Brazil. After his studies, he was able to help people from the outskirts build their dreams.

    Upon finishing school, Matheus renovated the home he grew up in and shared with his mother. The difference it made in their lives was drastic. He then launched Moradigna, a socially-minded project that brings dignity to run-down homes, particularly those in slums or other places on the outskirts of big cities. Employing local workers and artisans, Matheus helps people renovate, repair and improve their homes. The upgrades may be simple — removing mould, changing windows and doors, repairing electrical wiring, or applying plaster and paint — but they have a huge impact on health and quality of life.

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    Moradigna allows people to live better. The project’s focus is to help, to bring change and to make a difference in people’s lives, especially those who live on the periphery. Besides providing employment to local labourers, Matheus makes sure to keep his pricing accessible, with flexible payment plans and no added interest. He brings homes up to code and makes essential repairs, but he also opens the door for bigger changes. For example, Matheus converted one woman’s garage into a salon. While the renovation was simple, it provided the opportunity for financial independence and allowed this individual to realise a life-long dream.

    For Matheus, audacity is transforming the reality with which you are faced. He does this head-on with Moradigna, physically changing the day-to-day for thousands of people. Through his work, grim realities give way to dreams.

    Matheus supports so many others in the fulfilment of their wishes, but what’s his own? To see his project become integrated into his country’s public policy and to be able to change millions of lives. That is the legacy he’s aiming for.

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