Mélina Py, Eau-de-vie Operations Director at Martell

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    Mélina Py, Eau-de-vie Operations Director at Martell, is devoted to creating strong relationships, both within her teams at Maison Martell and with their partner winegrowers in the Cognac region. Mélina is also, of course, passionate about producing the best quality cognac, which involves careful and attentive practices when it comes down to the environment and the distillation process. Her lasting legacy will be one of dedication, excellence and environmental sustainability.

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    As Eau-de-vie Operations Director at Martell, Mélina Py’s job consists of overseeing Martell’s supply of wine and eaux-de vie. This involves making purchases from wine suppliers to replenish Maison Martell’s distilleries and cellars, and ultimately to provide the blending teams with the right base wines and alcohols for Martell’s fine cognacs. Over the course of her Martell career, Mélina’s responsibilities distil down into an impressive four million cases of cognac.

    However, for Mélina, her legacy is not captured in those bottles alone. She is, without a moment’s hesitation, proud to be a part of Maison Martell’s fine cognac production, but her true devotion is to the real, human relationships forged through her work. Not only does she collaborate closely with her colleagues, but also with all of Martell’s partner wine suppliers in the region. Mélina is active and engaged in keeping those relationships strong, close and convivial. 

    For Mélina, part of maintaining those connections means sharing pours of her favourite cognac, Martell Cordon Bleu. She particularly enjoys sharing Cordon Bleu with her wine suppliers during the distillation period, or with colleagues at working luncheons. Mélina prefers to drink her Martell Cordon Bleu on the rocks.

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    Mélina’s relationship with the environment is just as cherished and cared for. Her commitment to sustainability is nothing short of audacious. Together with her team, she has achieved challenging benchmarks related to the agricultural practices of winegrowing. This is a core aspect of her responsibility to the legacy of Martell and Pernod Ricard, as well as to all future generations of fine cognac drinkers everywhere.

    Not everyone is able to bring so much passion and delight to their work. Mélina’s bold approach echoes Martell’s own: She celebrates the beauty and luxury of cognac. She takes great pride and pleasure in her teammates and collaborators and all they accomplish together. Mélina is a champion of Maison Martell’s legacy and of her own.

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