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Visit Martell's famous cellars


    The underground story of cognac revealed

    For lovers of cognac, amateurs and aficionados alike, a visit to the House of Martell in southwest France makes for an unmissable destination.

    An easy trip from Bordeaux, La Rochelle or Limoges, the historic Gâtebourse site in the heart of Cognac is the birthplace of Maison Martell, founded by Jean Martell in 1715.

    There is no shortage of tours and activities to expand one’s understanding of the Cognac region, and the amber spirit that has made it world-famous.

    Visitors to the House of Martell will delight in seeing the magnificent building and surrounds.

    Here one can engage with veritable experts in cognac production, on-hand and only too happy to share their insights and knowledge of the processes involved in making France’s most iconic spirit, and the foundation for its development and success.

    Christophe Valtaud

    Christophe Valtaud

    Head down into the world of Martell

    On any visit to Gâtebourse, there is always more than first meets the eye. No stop would be replete without a guided tour underground to soak up the authentic ambience of Maison Martell’s famous cellars.

    In these cool confines below ground, usually off-limits to the public, visitors taking the Martell Savoir-Faire tour are immersed in a world of know-how and tradition.

    Participants are invited to experience bottling their own cognac in a personalised Montre bottle, the distinctive glass vessel traditionally used to present samples of cognac eaux-de-vie to the Cellar Master’s team.

    A Martell ambassador then accompanies visitors through the tasting of Indigo Bar, a terrace bar perched 24 metres high with a commanding 360° view of the town and region. The perfect conclusion to a historic visit underground.

    History of the art of blending

    Don’t miss other visits on offer, including Martell Discovery, inviting guests on a fascinating guided tour of the history and philosophy of the oldest of the great cognac houses. The tour spans the foundation in 1715 through to the present day, with tastings of some of Martell’s most popular spirits included.

    For a truly decadent day, seize the opportunity to make your own blend in our Cellar Master’s workshop as part of the Martell Heritage tour.

    Develop a unique understanding of the art of blending, and the influence of terroir on the taste of eaux-de-vie. Complete the experience with a tasting of the exceptional L’Or de Jean Martell, whose aromatic richness stays with you long after your day at Martell.

    The House of Martell continues to develop its visitor experiences. You can now experience an electric scooter tour of the local area, starting at Martell’s cognac distillery in the nearby town of Javrezac, and taking in the vineyard, and much more, during an electrifying two-hour ride.

    Learn more about our tours and visits in Cognac.

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