21.07.2022 - 2 min

Where to buy cognac?


    Martell’s liquor store locator

    Cognac is known for its versatility, enjoyed neat, on the rocks, in long drinks, or in your own unique way.

    With so many ways in which cognac can be combined and consumed, it should be little surprise when a bottle nears its end, and a replacement needs to be purchased.

    This poses the question of where to buy cognac, particularly if a specific bottle is desired.

    For this reason Martell has developed a liquor store locator, an easy geo-location tool that identifies where to buy Martell cognac in the immediate vicinity of your location.

    And the tool is not limited to finding liquor stores and shops, also showing bars and restaurants that stock the Martell range.

    If knowing where to buy cognac is one question, knowing which cognac to buy is another. Is it a gift for someone who has everything? A birthday present for a cognac aficionado, or for one’s own pleasure?

    Here again, Martell has an easy technical solution.  The Martell Gift Finder quiz facilitates the decision-making process in four basic questions.

    It takes less than one minute to complete the quick quiz, after which a bottle from within the extensive Martell range, which can then be savoured for as long as one likes.

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