Limited editions with artistic collaborations

Exclusive gifts that stand out, and soar beyond

    This season, let the spirit of gifting soar beyond your imagination.

    Maison Martell has released a series of limited editions, including artistic collaborations, that give emotion, meaning and generosity to the end of year’s festivities.

    The limited edition bottle and pack designs include contributions by London-based Chinese artist Jacky Tsai. The prodigious talent has turned his unique regard to Maison Martell in collaborations for Martell Noblige and Martell VSOP, creating striking designs that celebrate audacity – that of the artist, and the House.

    Two limited editions of Martell Cordon Bleu, including one for travel retail, pay tribute to the journey this iconic cognac has taken from the Charente vineyards, to being loved the world over. ​

    210903_MARTELL_JACKY_SWIFT_CTD_2_16x9 (2) cover
    Jacky Tsai’s fusion designs

    Art that pops

    Tsai was given carte blanche for his Noblige Limited Edition bottle and box, and the result is vivid and spectacular. The fusion of Chinese motifs and Western pop art references is instantly recognisable as the artist’s original style.
    The centrepiece is an audacious depiction of Martell’s emblematic flying swift, composed of references to Martell’s heritage and the spirit of voyage. The concept even voyages into the digital realm – scanning the bottle barcode unleashes an augmented reality experience.

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    Augmented Art

      Shared via smartphones

      From painting and sculpture to installations and digital art, Tsai applies his daring and prolific talent across an array of mediums. In this context, the augmented reality component of his Martell Noblige limited edition design is typically on-brand.

      Smartphone users are transported to a greeting card digital platform, and invited to send their best wishes to friends or family with a message that features the artist’s exclusive designs.

      210907_JACKY_TSAI_COLLAB_NOBLIGE_AR_16x9 (3) cover
      Celebrating heritage and savoir-faire

      Joyful juxtapositions

      The artist’s limited edition for Martell VSOP is a joyful juxtaposition of symbols of Maison Martell’s heritage and savoir-faire, with oriental motifs. Look for the tiger in repose, symbolising the Year of the Tiger 2022, as well as references to Martell’s famed oak barrels. These pay homage to the specific ageing process that produces the luscious aromas of Martell VSOP.

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      MARTELL VSOP LE NYE PARTY 16x9 cover
      The gift-finder quiz

      Gifting cognac?

      Our limited editions of Martell Noblige, Martell Cordon Bleu and Martell VSOP look different on the outside, and indeed are different on the inside too. Every cognac has its distinct personality, reflecting its maturity, production, and heritage of the House.

      If you’re looking for a special bottle to offer this season, Martell has a handy gift finder tool to suggest the best bottle for your occasion. All it takes is just a few questions.

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      Access exclusive mixology site


      Martell Blue Swift takes its limited edition outside of the box – and on to your smartphone. The bottle integrates a near field communication tag (NFC) that unlocks access to an exclusive mixology site. Once inside, discover the world of Martell Blue Swift, including never-before-released cocktail recipes and videos featuring Elliott Clark, Instagram’s most famous at-home mixologist (@apartment_bartender).

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        Digitally enhanced experience

        What’s more, the Martell Blue Swift limited edition extends the gifting experience into the digital realm.
        The bottle contains an NFC tag, which can be swiped with an app to open a digital site dedicated to mixology and the world of Martell Blue Swift.
        Find cocktail-making tips and tricks, and exclusive recipes from one of the world’s most influential, and Instagrammable, mixologists.

        210817_MARTELL_HOW_TO_16x9 cover
        A legendary cognac

        Globally beloved​

        From the moment of its launch in 1912, Martell Cordon Bleu has dazzled and delighted cognac-lovers the world over, with its audacious spirit and unmistakable taste. This limited edition design pays tribute to the global appeal of this legendary cognac.

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        One-liter Airport exclusive

        Travel with audacity

        A second limited edition of Martell Cordon Bleu is available in a one litre bottle, exclusive to airport travel retail. In a celebration of audacious travel, the bottle encapsulates Martell Cordon Bleu’s voyage around the world, while the pack tells the story of Martell’s flying swift, which soars from its home by the Charente river across the skies to the world beyond.

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        Please do not share with anyone under 18. Drink responsibly.