Single Cru Borderies 1999

Martell Single Cru Borderies 1999 represents the quintessential expression of the Borderies terroir, which has been the signature of Maison Martell since it was founded. For this Vintage Edition, Maison Martell Cellar Master Christophe Valtaud has selected a remarkable Borderies eau-de-vie from the Gallienne estate, the emblematic vineyard of the Martell family.

Cognac 700 ml bottle


Single Cru Borderies 1999 is the purest expression of the very best of the Borderies terroir in that particular year. In February 2000, immediately after distillation, the eau-de-vie was transferred to fine-grained oak barrels, ageing for 23 years to attain a unique aromatic plenitude.

Christophe Valtaud

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Product Discovery

The Colour

Light copper with golden highlights.

The Aroma

The first nose is at once rich and light, with notes of fruit and flowers, notably lemon, candied fruit and linden blossom.
When the cognac is swirled in the glass, it evolves towards more intense floral aromas, complemented by soft spices (nutmeg, cinnamon), gingerbread, vanilla and subtle woody notes. The overall impression is of complexity, delicacy and finesse.

The Taste

After a full, rounded attack, the highly expressive palate develops notes of cooked and candied fruit, including plum, quince and fig. In the finish, refined notes of small nuts and honey prolong the sensation of balance and elegance.

This remarkable cognac represents the encounter between a terroir and a year, with its specific climatic conditions – a rare event, in that it only happens once.

Serving Tips

Neat, with a splash of water, or on ice.

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