Meet Maison Martell’s cognac experts

Meet Maison Martell’s cognac experts
Christophe Valtaud

Cellar Master

Christophe Valtaud was only 38 when elevated to the vaunted position of Martell cellar master, only the ninth in Maison Martell’s history. As a native to Cognac, Christophe  Valtaud gained an understanding of the region’s vineyards and terroirs from an early age, which he later consolidated at university.

As cellar master, Christophe Valtaud combines his expertise in terroir, distillation and blending cognac to safeguard Martell’s 300 years of savoir-faire, and take it forwards into the future.

Since his appointment to the role in 2016, Christophe Valtaud has never shied away from innovation, resulting in the creation of new expressions of cognac, the likes of which include Martell Cordon Bleu Extra, Martell Chanteloup XXO, and a highly prestigious collection, L’Or de Jean Martell – Zodiac Edition, a blend of more than 700 rare and precious eaux-de-vie released to coincide with Chinese New Year.

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Rémy Savage

Master Mixologist

Starting his professional career as a bartender, Rémy Savage quickly made a name in the industry for his audacity, craftwork and creativity, traits he has spun into outstanding success.

On a personal level, this includes the gong for World’s Most Imaginative Bartender in 2014, and Best European Mixologist four years later. Venues across Europe have similarly benefitted from his Midas touch, having helped bars reach the ranks of the global top-50 on at least six occasions.

Rémy Savage was also at the vanguard of Paris’s boutique cocktail bar revolution in the 2010s, demystifying and democratising cocktails in his role as bartender and creative director for the Syndicat and La Commune bars.

As Martell’s Master Mixologist, Rémy Savage brings new mixology experiences to life for Martell, while educating consumers and promoting the House to new generations of cognac amateurs and aficionados.

Martell Remy Savage
Jacques Menier

Heritage Director

Since 2005, Maison Martell Heritage Director Jacques Menier has traversed the globe, overseeing Martell’s product launches, and training with partners and customers, while explaining the unique specificities of Martell cognacs – supported by an ever-growing team of brand ambassadors.

Jacques Menier’s connection with Maison Martell extends to the early 1990s, where as the area manager and sales director for the Asia Pacific he developed a special understanding of Asian markets. Cognac is a highly sought-after gift in Asia, often exchanged between families during important festive moments such as the mid-autumn festival and Chinese New Year.

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Christian Guerin

Expert Master Blender

The expert master blender oversees the blending and finishing of Martell cognacs, under the Cellar Master’s direction.

In the role since 2018, Christian Guerin ensures the House’s all-important savoir-faire is passed on, while also helping to develop new Martell cognacs.

Christian Guerin has a wealth of knowledge of Martell’s thousands of eaux-de-vie, which he draws upon to blend Martell cognacs to perfection.

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Géraldine Galland


Telling the true history of the House and its founder’s audacious life is the preserve of Martell’s House Archivist Géraldine Galland. Since 2010, Géraldine Galland has drawn on her love of historical research and fascination with archived content to paint a picture ofJean Martell. Thanks to her research, we better understand the way he nurtured and mentored his family, his passion for education, and his ceaseless quest to maintain the quality of his eaux-de-vie. Martell’s archives are so deep and well preserved that new information constantly comes to light. At the same time the advent of new technology creates new ways to preserve and

showcase archival documents and pieces. These include stunning photographs of ancient techniques used in the vineyard, and descriptions of the characters who have worked the fields throughout Maison Martell’s 300 years of history.

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Alexandre Combescot de Marsaguet

Brand Education Ambassador

Martell Brand Education Ambassador Alexandre Combescot de Marsaguet has more than 10 years’ experience in North America and Asia, the world’s top two cognac-loving continents. The spirits aficionado is ORECO-certified (France’s economic organisation of Cognac) in cognac eaux-de-vie tasting, as well as passionate about gastronomy, regularly creating Martell cognac food pairing experiences for the world to enjoy.

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Alexandr Gorokhovskiy

Brand Senior expert

Alexandr Gorokhovskiy is a veritable expert of all things distillation. In addition to his nearly two decades of international experience in distilled drinks, the Martell Senior Brand Ambassador is currently doing a PhD on the early history of distillation. His knowledge extends beyond the world of wine and spirits. As a certified cigar sommelier, Alexandr Gorokhovskiy is also one of the House’s resident experts on pairing cognac and cigars.

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