17.11.2022 - 2 min

Cognac and Gastronomy


    Elevate your cuisine and dining experiences​

    Simply put, gastronomy is the art of choosing and enjoying good food. It is an approach based on the selection of best quality ingredients, of unique regional products, cultivated for their exquisite flavours and taste.

    Little wonder that cognac, France’s famous amber spirit synonymous with finesse and elegance, is a staple of many gourmet recipes and experiences, especially those of Maison Martell.

    Cognacs of Maison Martell have always evoked the region, their distinctive tastes renowned for their richness and smoothness. Each cognac also has its own personality, shaped by factors including blend and age.

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    Cooking with cognac

    The beauty of cognac is its versatility, the ease with which it can be added to even the most traditional recipe, to elevate the level of cuisine. This makes it possible for all to enjoy the heights and delights of gastronomy.

    Take this chocolate and cognac sauce recipe, for one. Made with Martell Chanteloup XXO, the sauce is thick, rich and indulgent. Drizzled over perfectly poached pears, it will tantalise the tastebuds, lingering long after the last mouthful.

    It is not only for sweet sauces, cognac works magic on savoury sauces too. To reinvent a modern classic, for example, add Martell VS to mushroom sauce and serve with organic farmhouse chicken.

    Pasta sauces too, are only improved with a drop of cognac, and it takes almost no time. This creamy cognac sauce for fresh pasta is conjured up in less than 10 minutes.

    Pairing cognac with food

    The gastronomic potential of cognac is not limited to cooking delicious sweet and savoury sauces. The depth and breadth of Martell’s cognacs make them an ideal accompaniment for many a gourmet meal.

    Cognac can be paired with entrees, mains and desserts to create a gourmand experience for a special occasion, or indeed any night of the week.

    A Borderies cognac such as Martell Cordon Bleu is a natural complement to pork, veal and poultry, or seafood and crustaceans too.

    Younger cognacs such as Martell VS or VSOP work well with spicy dishes, as well as a variety of cheeses.

    And let us not go past cognacs from the Grande Champagne. To enjoy with a succulent beef tenderloin, pheasant, venison of guineafowl, is to realise the true meaning of gastronomy.

    Please do not share with anyone under 18. Drink responsibly.