Cognac Craftmen

Cognac Craftmen

    Since 1715, Martell cognacs have been renowned for their elegance, richness and balance. Every stage of production, from the vines to the bottling, testifies to the quest for excellence and savoir-faire passed on through nine generations of craftsmen, with each contributing to defining the “Martell style”.

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    Martell's Terroirs

    The eaux-de-vie produced by Maison Martell are derived essentially from these four terroirs.


    Borderies: Heavy clay and limestone soils which favour the development of elegant, delicate eaux-de-vie with a mellow aromatic profile dominated by notes of flowers and candied fruit. The eaux-de-vie have an ageing potential of 20 to 30 years. Chosen by Maison Martell as a signature of its cognacs more than three centuries ago, the Borderies is the smallest of the six AOC Cognac crus, and therefore the rarest. It represents just 5% of the region’s vineyards.


    Grande Champagne: Chalk and limestone soils. The eaux-de-vie produced by these greyish soils with a high proportion of active limestone are characterised by their rich aromatic profile with dominant notes of nuts and red fruit. The eaux-de-vie are powerful and structured, with great length on the palate, and an ageing potential in excess of 40 years.


    Petite Champagne: Heavy, greyish limestone soils producing eaux-de-vie with aromatic characteristics akin to those of Grande Champagne, and a similar ageing potential. Notes of nuts and red fruit are complemented by notes of dried fruit. Petite Champagne encompasses a diversity of terroirs, reflected in the diversity of tastes of its eaux-de-vie.


    Fins Bois: Reddish clay and limestone soils. The eaux-de-vie produced by this terroir are known for their freshness and lightness, with an aromatic profile of fresh fruit, including notes of pear and peach. They have an ageing potential of 10 to 20 years. Chosen to elaborate young cognacs, Fins Bois is the ideal cru for those wishing to discover cognac.

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