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Chef Pascal Nebout about legacy

29.01.2020.1:26 min

In this weekly episode of Martell Home Encounters, we meet chef Pascal Nebout at Château de Chanteloup, Maison Martell in Cognac, France. A love for the land of Charente, it's gastronomy and the close relationships with local producers that are the most precious ingredients in his success today. Pascal Nebout's passion for cuisine started from a young age with his great grandmother. He took the helm at Château de Chanteloup in June 2012. His unparalleled ambition led him to travel and to work for 27 years in various Maisons in France and abroad including Taiwan, Tokyo and St. Petersburg. Martell Home Encounters is a video series celebrating audacious people in their environment through a passionate conversation with special guests. Among the themes, we have covered: creativity, audacity and heritage.

Chef Pascal Nebout about legacy cover
Chef Pascal Nebout about legacy background
Chef Pascal Nebout about legacy background

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